Spreading innovation – a guide and dialogue tool


The guide is easing the path to share and reuse innovation in the public sector.

The National Centre for Public Sector Innovation in Denmark has developed a guide to help public sector workplaces share their own innovations and reuse others. The guide is relevant for anyone who wants to collaborate on spreading an innovation from one context to another.

The guide consists of six steps with recommended actions to take and associated tools that help structure the dialogue throughout the process. The guide provides an overview of an otherwise complex process.

But why even bother spreading innovation across the public sector?

By reusing the solutions of others, public sector workplaces can save development costs, avoid unsuccessful strategies and achieve desired outcomes more quickly. Furthermore, by sharing our own solutions with others, we can use their experiences to improve the original solution and possibly achieve a greater reach and impact.

The guide is based on research, field studies in Danish municipalities and testing with leaders and employees on all levels of government and in various fields.

Download the guide by clicking on the download button to the right.

Majken Præstbro
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