About COI

Activities and purpose - overview

The National Centre for Public Sector Innovation (COI) is owned[1] by and works across the Danish public sector. COI contributes to the public sector becoming more efficient and delivering services and products of a higher quality through innovation.

Three innovation parameters play an important role in succeeding in becoming a more efficient public sector with a high(er) quality of delivered services and products. Those are knowledge about innovation, capability for producing innovative solutions and services as well as tools that support innovation. Thus COI’s main activities fall within these three parameters:  

  • Knowledge
    • Barometer
  • Capability
    • National Innovation Internship
    • Networks
  • Tools
    • Guide to spreading innovation
    • Toolkit for evaluating innovative actions

Of those activities spreading of innovation throughout the public sector is highly prioritised. COI aims to connect employees, leaders, politicians, and citizens encouraging them to share experiences, to collaborate while building on the work of others and to recycle each other’s solutions in order to accelerate the diffusion of innovation.

COI systematically co-creates and evaluates its main activities.

COI has a down to earth approach to fulfilling our purpose and delivering on our activities by:

  • developing and communicating knowledge and tools, that can be used at the individual workplace/public sector institution and by decissionmakers and researchers/scientists.
  • having a nationwide presence and participating in meetings, workshops and conferences.
  • establishing partnerships and networks with public sector workplaces, private sector companies, citizens, volunteers, scientists
  • establishing and participating in the debate on the framework for public sector innovation.

[1] The central government agencies, local municipalities and Local Government Denmark in collaboration with the three umbrella organizations for public sector employees: Organizations of Public Employees (OAO), Confederation of Professionals in Denmark (FTF), and The Danish Confederation of Professional Associations (Akademikerne).

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